Black Widow Spider Bite

Black widow spider bite
Black widow spider bite

Do you know what black widow spider bite actually is in this world? What are the main reasons of being affected by this bite? How can its effects be seen on your body parts and how can it be treated in emergency circumstances? There are countless numbers of similar questions which rush through human’s mind when they come across the term “Black Widow Spider Bite”. Do you want to know more about major and minor concerns of the black widow spider bite study?

Black Widow Bite

Female black widow bitesBlack widow spider is known to be one of the most dangerous and poisonous species in the world amongst various types of animals and insects. They do exist in different areas of the United States of America. Black widow spiders are extremely dangerous and can cause death for human beings in just a couple of hours after a single bite. An interesting fact is that only the female species of the black widow spiders are poisonous and a male spider’s bite is harmless for the human body. You might, of course, be wondering now what sort of poison the black widow’s bite contains. Well, their poison has a lethal form of venom that disturbs the whole functioning of the nervous system and decreases the respiratory rating too. Moreover, the concentration of poison in the spider’s bite is so high that it can damage human’s flash on a muscular level. It can melt bones into liquids, as a result, the affected living organism will not last more than 25-30 minutes. Over the past few years a huge number of deaths caused by black widow spider bite was documented in North America. It is important to know that the black widow will only attack a human if they are left with no other option to feed themselves. In fact the spider is also threatened to get killed by its prey. Therefore, they make sure to escape before someone notices them. In general, one can confidently claim that the percentage of the black widow spider’s victims is not higher than 1% of the world’s population.

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Black Widow Spider Bite Overview

Female black widow bite

Around the world, there are about 30,000 various types of spiders and the Black Widow Spider is one of the most dangerous and feared ones among them. If you are facing some sort of skin itching, at times you may put all the blame on a spider bite. However, there are very few types of spiders which bite humans, and some of them do not break the skin cells. But at the same time, there are some spiders whose single bite is sufficient to stop the life of a human forever. The black widow spiders are medium in size and black in color, their body is just one-inch long. A great number of them inhabits the northern states of America. The Black Widow spiders which inhabit the southern side of the world look quite terrifying – with a shiny black back and red abdomen. They also happen to have a row of red spots on the upper part of their body. If you do encounter such spiders in your surroundings, be very careful and do the needful to alert others immediately!

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Male and female black widowsIf you think that black widow spiders are not a risk for you than you should think about this fact again! A typical male black widow spider is about 1 inch in length, and this is excluding the size of its legs. They are of a dark black color. The females of the black widow spiders are about 2 inches in length. You can identify a female black widow by noticing the red spots on the upper side of their body. The male black widow spiders are not dangerous at all, just the female species can be deadly if they release their poison. During the start of summer or spring season. These spiders begin to spread in vast quantities. The level of hazard varies from one insect to another as it depends on the intensity level of venom in their bite. Once an organism gets bitten by a spider, the poison is being injected directly in its blood cells – hence, it penetrates all the vital organs and becomes the biggest hurdle in the nervous system functioning. Frequently, after the bite one can feel pain in several areas of the body – it circulates from the bite spot to abdomen causing cramps. There are almost 5% of the black widow spiders whose bite can lead to the death.

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Reasons of Bite

Reasons of bite

The black widow spiders sleep during day time, but hey are very active and haunt in the night time. Therefore if you ever get bitten by this spider, it would be certainly in the evening time. They bite in such a smooth and soft way that you won’t get to feel when it happens. Below we will mention some of the main reasons for the black widow bites:

  • These spiders will attack you mostly if you are inside their turf.

  • If you are having a woodpile at your distance and holding a log for killing the spiders, then it is highly likely that they would attack you.

  • They might also bite in situations when they are not finding anything to eat. So they feed themselves with the blood of a human being.

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    SymptomsDo you know what sort of symptoms may occur if you are bitten by the Black Widow Spider? As we already mentioned, their bite transfers their venom into the human body which instantly affects the normal functioning of the nervous system. Some people may experience few minor disorders of the bite, while others face severe medical conditions which put their lives at risk.

  • Immediately after the bite you will feel pain in the area where the spider has bitten you. This pain will start after 20 minutes, and it will be at its minimal level.

  • Speaking of the local stages of the pain, we must mention the abdomen pain along with the muscle cramping conditions.

  • The person will start feeling weak physically.

  • It will start affecting your back along with the shoulder muscles on a greater level.

  • At worst stages, the person will start vomiting and feeling a severe chest pain.

  • If a spider bites a child or an elderly person, the chances are high that they will die before getting the medications.

  • If the venom reaches the abdomen, the gallbladder sections will be under a threat.

  • The blood pressure and the heart rate of the person can raise as well, which might eventually cause a heart attack too. This is one of the most serious issues while dealing with the black widow spider bites.

  • Well, there are many more symptoms that can be found, but we mentioned the most common ones. Now we would like to proceed to the next section of the article where we will be discussing various methods of treatment and medications used while curing the victims of the Black widow spider. Let’s have a quick look at the treatment, first aid and medication options as well as possibilities of prevention.

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    We mentioned that there are various types of symptoms which appear after the Black widow spider bites. Some of the bites are ordinary, but some have very dangerous outcomes. The treatment of the Black Widow spider bites will typically depend on the bite range and its venom level. If soon after the bite your body starts having greater pain and cramps in abdomen then you should urgently go to the nearest hospital and ask for help. If the person is facing any breathing trouble. It is strongly recommended that you immediately give a call to 911 for medical assistance and support. Young kids and old people get severely affected in a shorter period of time and can die in just a few hours. Therefore they should be provided with the necessary medication on the urgent basis. Heart patients are to be admitted to the hospital and kept there until the harmful venom is vanished from their body. There is no doubt that the sooner you undergo the treatment against spider bites the easier and faster your recovery process will be.

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    First Aid

    If you are one of the unfortunate ones who got bitten by the Black Widow spiders, you should be aware of some new first aid tips and apply them as soon as possible. Below are some helpful guidelines on immediate assistance for the Black Widow spider victims:

  • The bite spot should be immediately washed with a mild soap and water;

  • You should put ice cubes on the affected area using a clean cloth.

  • Ice cubes

  • If you don’t want the infection to spread on a larger scale, it is advisable that you apply an antibiotic lotion.

  • You should treat you arms and legs on the first place, if you got bitten in those areas, to prevent swelling.

  • You are strongly advised to visit a hospital emergency room as early as possible.

  • If you happen to find any spider in your surroundings you should put them in a plastic jar so that you can examine whether your house has some black widow spider or not.

  • Examine

  • Always make sure to consult with a doctor before choosing any medications on your own.

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    Self-Care at Home

    It doesn’t mean that each time you should rush to the medical center for the treatment of the above disease. You should visit a doctor only when you start facing severe conditions of the widow spider bites. In case of ordinary bites, just do the needful disinfection and treatment on your own. There are very limited options of handling the spider bites at home. We would suggest you to take hot baths and apply cold and warm compresses. In the medications category, we would like to highlight the name of ibuprofen which you should keep in your household all the time. Non of the herbal remedies proved themselves effective against the black widow spider bites.


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    Medical Treatment

    A medical treatment of the black widow spider bite depends on the level of poison concentration in it. If you have severe conditions of the disease rushing to a hospital will be the first option to hit your mind. The doctor will provide you with some of the best medications that can relief the pain. After a bite of black widow spider, your blood pressure rises. Therefore, you will be provided with some remedies which will bring your blood pressure back to normal. If the disease progresses to severe stages, you should take medications which will relax you muscles or antivenin. It shall help you to get relief from the venom.

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    You should make use of the over-the-counter drugs that are excellent to get relief from the black widow spider bite. You can chose such pain relief medications as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or the new antihistamine such as Benadryl as well as Chlor-Trimeto.

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    Lastly we would be mentioning some of the necessary prevention measures which you can use against the spider bites. Below are some of the main precautions you may need to adopt to avoid black widow spider bite:

  • You should keep your surroundings clean of any rubbish and trash. You should not be having any the dirt at you workplace, car tires or even woodpiles.

  • If you have a lawn in your house, then you should keep it free from trees or any shrubs.

  • While landscaping or even while working outside you should wear full sleeve clothes along with the gloves. You should wear covered shoes.

  • You should be having a check of the garage if case some spiders live inside it. If they do, then you should use some spider killing spray.

  • In the outdoor section, you should keep the beds located away from the walls.

  • You should not be storing any accessories under the bed.

  • You should not store the shoes or clothes in any closed storage. You should always keep them in some open places.

  • YOn the daily basis, you should clean your house with the vacuum cleaner in each single hook and corner of the house.

  • Be sure that your windows do not have any holes in them.

  • As soon as the sun goes down you should close all the home windows properly.

  • You should seal up the doors with the use of actual door sweeps.

  • As soon as you find any spider eggs in your house, you should remove them instantly.

  • Prevention

    Well, our discussion about the black widow spider bite and its main aspects has come to a conclusion. No doubt that it is a dangerous issue to deal with but you can keep yourself informed about the best care and precaution methods in order to prevent such problems from happening at your own house. We also provided you with the best ideas for medications and first aid treatments which shall be very helpful for you in case you will be treating the spider bite yourself. Spread this useful information among your friends and mates and help them to stay protected from the spider bites!

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